Pedestal Bench

Pedestal Bench


Rustic Finish

Sprayed with our UV/waterproof matte varnish finish, leaving all imperfections, cracks, axe marks, nails holes, wormholes and the many other qualities of the barn wood exposed.

Our Eco-Friendly Epoxy Finish

An application of our Green seal certified eco-friendly epoxy provides an even topcoat for durability and smooth level finish. It is then sprayed with a matte polyurethane finish.  All the character and imperfections in the wood is maintained underneath the finish.


A light sanding is done on most of our tables in order to maintain its history and character. Reclaimed wood has many natural colours due to weathering, axe marks, nail holes, milling and worm holes.

Sanding can be adjusted to your preference, with even less sanding to create the ultimate rustic feel, or sanded/planed smooth to create a modern look.


Reclaimed wood has many colours due to weathering, wear, rust, axe marks and nail holes and is amazingly beautiful all by itself. If a specific colour is desired we ask that you send a photo or choose from one of our products.



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